How to Quote in an Essay

MLA and APA are the widely used citation styles when it comes to generating academic papers. Other styles include Chicago and Harvard, where the minimum words required profile essay outline to block a quote are 100 and 30 words, respectively. Another way to add contrast is by highlighting the relevance of a fact or opinion in the context of your research.

how to start with a quote in an essay

A direct quote can include anything from one word to several sentences from a source. You will use direct quotes in essays and other forms of writing, persuasive or otherwise.

Is it good or bad to use quotes in an essay?

Read on and learn how to block a quote and why quotations are essential in writing. The exact rules for this depend on the referencing system you’re using. However, there are a few general guidelines that can help if you’re unsure what to do, as we will explain in this post. As an academic writer, it’s essential to show your reader the ultimate purpose a block quote serves. Basically, you should introduce the quote in your words. This way, you clearly state how the quote fits in your analysis or argument. If the text before the quote is a sentence, consider using a colon to introduce your quote.

  1. Writing 3,000 words can take anywhere between six and 24 hours depending on the topic.
  2. The information you include in an in-text citation depends on the citation style you are using.
  3. The partial quote uses double quotation marks, a comma, and a period.
  4. First, block quotes are not surrounded by quotation marks.
  5. When paraphrasing, using author prominent citation helps move away from the original wording.
  6. Quotation is one way to incorporate what you’ve read into your writing.
  7. Direct quotations are verbatim quotations that require quotation marks.

This method has that inbuilt incentive for you to finish the work as soon as possible. If you finish the work quickly then the rest of the day/evening or weekend is your own to do what you like with it. Summarising does not go into the same level as detail as paraphrasing, because you are referring to a larger piece of work than perhaps a paragraph or page. Every in-text citation should also have a corresponding full reference in your bibliography.


Save the Student provides free, impartial advice to students on how to make their money go further. Just written out my plan for my essay on the political implications of the Italian Renaissance- Really don’t want to start but I have a plan now and feel more motivated. Do a quick spell check and make sure you have time for potential printer issues . If you’re blessed with the ability to write immaculately and at speed, you may not need this long to edit your essay. You can refine the wording at the editing stage, and it’s much easier to think about style once you’ve typed up everything you want to say first.

You need to include abrief citation in the text at the place where you refer to the source, and afull citation in your bibliography or reference list. The style of referencing you are using will dictate which details you include in your citations, how you signpost brief citations , and what order you put information in. Check your course handbook to see what style your department prefers. Complement complex ideas with simple descriptions by using these sentences. These are excellent academic phrases to improve the continuity of your essay writing. They should be used to explain a point you’ve already made in a slightly different way. Don’t use them to repeat yourself, but rather to elaborate on a certain point that needs further explanation.

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Including a quote that fits naturally into your work can be a bit of a struggle, but these academic phrases provide a great way in. Direct quotes are most effective when you integrate them into your own sentences. An easy way to integrate direct bridge statement examples quotes is to introduce them in your own words. The information you include in an in-text citation depends on the citation style you are using. See the section titled Citing direct quotes in MLA and APA styles below for more details.

how to start with a quote in an essay

However, if the quote is part of the sentence that comes before or after it, there is no need to add extra punctuation. The minimum length required for block quotations varies between multiple citation styles. Direct quotes that include several sentences from a source are called block quotes. Block quotes are used to separate quoted comments from the regular writing. The requirements for these quotes differ from one writing style to the other. Simply put, a block quote is termed as a quotation that is set on another line, then properly indented to create a new block of text. In academic writing, the quote is used when quoting over 40 words from a credible source.

How to quote multiple authors

Include facts and researchers’ views that disagree with a point of your essay to show your knowledge of your particular field of study. Below are a few words and ways of introducing alternative arguments. Fiction writers also use quotation marks to surround dialogue. This is because these characters are speaking to one another. The quotation marks denote that those lines of text are spoken and are verbatim records of what a person said. For instance, the following example features lines of dialogue between the narrator Nick and the character Gatsby in Chapter 6 of F. Note how Fitzgerald used quotation marks around the dialogue.

  1. When writing, use a balanced blend of direct quote, paraphrase, and summary.
  2. So basically, if you quote something, you need to give credit where it’s due.
  3. But formal academic writing can be much more subtle than this, and as we’ve mentioned above, requires great skill.
  4. Alternatively, you can use the ruler bar to add a block quote.
  5. They could come in handy if you need to make up the word count later.
  6. If your data is mainly qualitative, it is important to include quotations from this data in your text.
  7. APA style is similar to Harvard style, though there are a few important differences, particularly in relation to the type of quotation marks used.
  8. This will demonstrate that the interviews have actually taken place.

A quotation doesn’t speak for itself –tell the reader how you want them to understand and interpret it. If you’re quoting, ending an essay with a question always include a comment of your own about what is interesting, useful, relevant, persuasive or doubtful about it.

How to cite short quotations less than 40 words

Other subjects, particularly the Natural Sciences, use quotation very sparingly, preferring to use paraphrase. YesNoPlacement of the full-stop.Inside the closing quotation markOutside the closing quotationIs the quotation a full sentence in its own right? Also, there is some disagreement, even amongst specialists, regarding the placement of the full-stop.

how to start with a quote in an essay

For shorter quotes that are three lines or fewer, you can use quotation marks to separate them. Use direct quotes only a few times throughout an essay for emphasis, analysis, and evidence.

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These two nations seem set to sway the destinies of half the globe.The passage from which this sentence is taken had earlier made it clear which two nations the author was talking about. My quotation, however, does not make this clear, and so I have inserted the necessary information enclosed insquare brackets.

This is because the writer used a partial quote to integrate it seamlessly without a comma. Nested quotations use a single quotation mark within double quotation marks. To separate the nested quote from the surrounding quote, enclose it in single quotation marks. When writing, use a balanced blend of direct quote, paraphrase, and summary.

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Similarly, imagine a writer trying to convince readers they can help the environment by following a vegetarian diet. Including quotations from scientists about the link between meat production and climate change strengthens the argument, because the quotations show that credible people support this view. In this case the student has taken care to distinguish the words of the source with single quotation marks, and has acknowledged the source in the text. A reader could check the cited work using the information provided in the reference list. In writing, paragraphs are not supposed to be finalized with a quote. Therefore, an author should use own words and consider commenting with an analysis right after the quote. Also, a writer can give further context on the subject or explain to the reader how the established quote connects with the context.

Historian Edith Hall explains how ancient Greek and Roman texts were recorded on papyrus, which was “extremely vulnerable to wear and tear” (p. 4). Most ancient Greek and Roman texts were recorded on papyrus, which was “extremely vulnerable to rotting and wear and tear” (Hall, 2015, p. 4). Historian Edith Hall explains how ancient Greek and Roman 1984 george orwell essay texts were recorded on papyrus, which was “extremely vulnerable to wear and tear” . Highlighting your own ideas while still supporting them. The entire passage is necessary to provide an example of your ideas. You emphasize an author’s opinion and don’t want to misrepresent their ideas. A source is an object used to gather information and ideas.

Citing Direct Quotes in MLA Style

Note how double quotation marks separate the direct quote from the rest of the sentence. Single quotation marks separate Carraway’s father’s quote from Carraway’s words.

  1. “After reading the consent to take the survey I was very pleased with the privacy and the reason behind the survey.
  2. Sources can be written, spoken, audio, or visual materials.
  3. Green and Taylor , in a study comparing the health of children in flats, as opposed to a group in houses with gardens, found little health difference, using the same measures as the other two studies.
  4. The author has attempted to pass the words of Jeremy Paxman off as his or her own.
  5. Make sure you understand what a quote is saying in its context and explain its meaning in your work.
  6. Chelsea was born nearly deaf, but…she was disastrously misdiagnosed as mentally retarded when she failed to learn to speak….he was raised by a loving family…