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You can play this game at any of the online casinos that feature Evolution games, such as [], [Betway], or [LeoVegas]. A puck will be dropped from the top of the board and bounce its way down to one of the slots, determining your payout. If the wheel stops on a bonus round segment, you enter the bonus round where you can win even bigger prizes. The wheel has 54 segments, each with a different multiplier or a “double” or “triple” value. To play Crazy Time, all you need to do is choose your stake amount and place your bets on the segments you want. It combines the simplicity and excitement of spinning a wheel with the added features and bonuses of four different bonus rounds.

  • The wheel has 64 segments with different multipliers and Double or Triple slots that increase all the multipliers on the wheel.
  • It is also a fun and interactive game with a lively and engaging live dealer who creates a fun atmosphere.
  • You can also hedge your bets by betting on both a number and a bonus round, or by betting on multiple bonus rounds.

Our final verdict on Crazy Time is that it is a great live casino game that deserves a try. Crazy Time is one of the most popular live casino games online because it offers many advantages for players who enjoy gambling. Each slot will have a random multiplier or a “double” value assigned to it. Crazy Time is a modern gambling game with a live dealer that offers a unique and exciting gameplay experience. Each bonus game has its own rules and features, but they all offer the chance to win bigger prizes than the base game.

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If the wheel stops on a numbered segment that you bet on, you will win according to the payout table. Finally, you can benefit from the high RTP (return to player) of Crazy Time, which ranges from 94.41% to 96.08%, depending on your bets. You have to choose one of the three flappers (green, blue, or yellow) to play with. If it lands on a double symbol, all multipliers will be doubled and another puck will be dropped.

  • The host will spin the wheel and you will have to choose one of the three flappers: yellow, green, or blue.
  • Here are some of them: Spread your bets: Instead of betting on one segment only, try to spread your bets across different segments.
  • The players can choose one symbol to shoot at by moving a cursor on their screen.
  • It is a game that offers high entertainment value, high-quality graphics and sound, and high potential payouts.
  • If it is a double or triple symbol, then all the multipliers on the wheel are doubled or tripled and the wheel is spun again until a multiplier is won.

Crazy Time is one of the most popular live casino games online, thanks to its high-quality graphics, engaging gameplay, and huge potential payouts. Crazy Time is a live online game show that offers you the chance to win huge payouts by spinning a money wheel and entering four different bonus rounds. If the wheel lands on a section with a multiplier, the payout or the bonus round is multiplied accordingly. You can also see the bets of other players and chat with them or the dealer. Watch the previous results: Crazy Time has a history panel that shows the previous results of the wheel. The wheel has 64 segments, each with a huge multiplier or a “double” or “triple” feature.

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Third, you get to win huge payouts that can change your life in an instant. The live dealer will drop a puck from the top of the board and you will win the multiplier where the puck lands. It also features high-quality graphics, sound effects, and live interaction with the hosts and other players. However, don’t rely too much on the trends, as they can change at any time.

  • The live dealer drops the puck from the top of the board and whichever slot it lands in is the winning slot.
  • This way, you can cover more outcomes and reduce the risk of losing everything.
  • You should try to have fun and enjoy the show, rather than focusing too much on the results.
  • If the wheel stops on a segment that matches the top slot, the multiplier is applied to your payout.

To play Crazy Time, you need to join a live casino that offers this game. The host will then flip the coin using a machine and whichever side lands face up, that is the multiplier you will win. It is rewarding and exciting: Crazy Time offers many opportunities to win big with its generous multipliers and bonus rounds. They will chat with you and other players, comment on the game, and create a lively atmosphere. You can chat with the hosts and other players, watch the action unfold, and celebrate your wins together.

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At the same time, a random multiplier will be applied to one of the segments on the wheel by a Top Slot above the wheel. You get to play with other players from around the world and chat with them during the game. If your flapper points to a multiplier, you will win that multiplier times your stake. Enjoy the game for what it is: a crazy and fun live casino game that can make you smile. You can also adjust your bet size according to your budget and preference, as well as view the game history and statistics to help you make informed decisions.

  • Spread your bets: Since Crazy Time has eight different outcomes, you can increase your chances of winning by betting on more than one outcome.
  • The game has stunning graphics, animations, and sound effects that create a captivating atmosphere.
  • If the Top Slot matches the winning section on the wheel, the multiplier is applied to the payout or the bonus round.
  • If it lands on Double or Triple, the multipliers are doubled or tripled and you get another drop.
  • The dealer spins the wheel and the player wins the multiplier that the flapper points to.
  • You can bet on any of the eight segments on the wheel and win up to 160,000x your stake in the bonus rounds.

You can win up to 20,000x your bet in <a href=”>Crazy Time, as well as enjoy the interaction with the dealer and other players. You can play Crazy Time on any device, whether it is a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Before the wheel spins, there is also a top slot that randomly generates two multipliers: one for the number and one for the bonus round.

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If the wheel lands on a multiplier outcome that matches the Top Slot outcome, the multiplier is applied to the bets on that outcome. You can see the wheel spinning, the dealer flipping the coin, the puck dropping, and the wheel turning in real time. These can include free spins, cashback, loyalty points, etc – These can include free spins, cashback, loyalty points, etc. You need to have a good bankroll management strategy to avoid losing all your money quickly. The players who bet on this segment will see their own coin flip on their screen and win the corresponding multiplier. Take advantage of the bonus rounds: The bonus rounds are where Crazy Time shines and where you can win big.

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The players who enter this bonus round can see the initial multipliers before the puck is dropped. For example, if the top slot shows 2x and 5, and the wheel stops on 5, then the players who bet on 5 win 10 times their stake. Once the betting time is over, the live dealer will spin the wheel and you will see if you have won or not. Pachinko: The dealer drops a puck into a large pachinko board that has pegs and slots with different multipliers.

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It combines entertainment, interactivity, and innovation in one game that can reward you with huge payouts and multipliers. Crazy Time: You will enter a virtual studio with a giant money wheel with three flappers: yellow, green, and blue. Watch out for the Top Slot multipliers: The Top Slot can significantly increase your winnings if it matches the result of the wheel. Watch out for the multipliers: Crazy Time can offer some amazing multipliers that can boost your winnings significantly. The wheel will spin for a few seconds, and then stop at a random segment. You can chat with other players, watch the bonus rounds unfold, and celebrate your wins with others.

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Here is a brief overview of each one: Coin Flip: You will see a coin with two sides: red and blue. However, you should not let your emotions get the better of you and try to chase your losses by betting more or increasing your stakes. The top slot will randomly generate two multipliers: one for the segment on the left and one for the segment on the right. It combines the simplicity of a money wheel game with the excitement of four different bonus rounds and a top slot feature that can multiply your winnings. For example, betting on 1 or 2 will give you more frequent but smaller wins, while betting on Crazy Time will give you rare but huge wins.

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Crazy Time is a game that offers endless possibilities and entertainment. Crazy Time is one of the most popular live casino games because it combines the thrill of a money wheel with the chance of winning big multipliers. The bonus games have different rules and features, but they all have one thing in common: they can award huge payouts to lucky players. To win big at Crazy Time, you need to follow some tips and strategies that can help you improve your odds and manage your bankroll. It also provides an authentic live dealer experience that makes you feel like you are in a real casino studio. Once the betting time is over, the dealer will spin the wheel and the top slot above it.

Each bonus round has its own set and theme, making them fun and exciting to watch and play. The players have to be quick and accurate in choosing their target, as well as hope for a high multiplier behind it. It combines the best elements of a money wheel game, a game show, and a live dealer game into one amazing package. The dealer will then shuffle the symbols and reveal them briefly before covering them again. If it lands on a “Double” sign, all the multipliers and the “Double” signs on the board will double and the live dealer will drop another puck. The dealer will shuffle the symbols and then reveal them for a few seconds.

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The dealers are friendly and professional, and they interact with the players and create a lively atmosphere. Enjoy the show, interact with the dealer and other players, and celebrate your wins. If the top slot matches the outcome of the wheel, your winnings will be multiplied by that amount or you will enter that bonus game. You can chat with them and other players through the chat function, ask them questions, or even tip them if you like. The game has a maximum win of 25,000x your bet, which is one of the highest in the industry.

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Here are some tips that might help you: Always bet on all four bonus segments to qualify for the bonus rounds. Follow the trends: This means observing the previous results of the wheel and the Top Slot, and adjusting your bets accordingly. Spread your bets across different segments to balance your risk and reward. The board also has double slots that can double the multipliers on the board. These segments trigger exciting bonus rounds that can multiply your winnings even more. Betting on number 10 will give you less frequent wins, but higher payouts.

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Crazy Time is designed to be a fun and entertaining game show, so don’t take it too seriously or get frustrated if you don’t win. A third advantage of playing Crazy Time is that you get to enjoy a high-quality and immersive gaming experience. If the wheel lands on the same segment as the Top Slot, the multiplier will be applied to your winnings. This is a social online casino that allows you to play Crazy Time and other games for free with virtual coins. The player can choose one of three flappers (red, green, or blue) to bet on, or let the game choose one for them. If you bet on the number that the wheel lands on, you win that number times your bet.