Since the very beginning the mission of our company is to provide the highest level of service and creating new, more effective transport solutions which constitue full satisfaction of all SM Spedition Clients.

Optimizing logistics processes, professionalism and a creative approach of our employees are the factors that distinguish us from other companies and position us in the top of the market. Attention to keeping the fleet brand new is a major element of our business politics.

Our company, by providing transport services, has gained recognition on both local and international markets in a short time. We have significantly expanded our Client base and increased the number of completed transport orders. Currently we handle business for a number of large manufacturers in Europe who all have different needs for transport and freight forwarding services and we always match the type of service we provide to specific Client requirements.

Our Quality Politics is comprised of:

  • Flexibility – helping with completing and improving enterprises and finding alternative logistics solutions
  • Attention for intensive employee trainings for office workers and drivers
  • Hi-tech, modern fleet that meets all ecologic norms
  • Safety – trucks equipped with GPS enable us to fully monitor the usage of the vehicles and to keep track of all related costs as well as the time and place where the trucks are used
  • Mandatory carrier insurance
  • Absolute punctuality of all deliveries, also for „Just in Time” deliveries.