We proudly inform that as of 4th of July 2016 we are an ISO:9001:2015 certified company.

The basics of the ISO:9001 norm guarantees that, that the product or service will be based on orderly actions which provide assurance that all best efforts have been used to make the process planned and executed in an organized fashion.

Areas subject to certification have been tested and graded by an independent institution, which has confirmed that without doubt the quality of the certified services meet all european standards.

The requirements of the ISO:9001 norm that we have implemented improve the effectiveness of our business operations by constant increase in the quality of our processes, using counteractions and corrections and broadening the spectrum of identifying Client needs.

The ISO certificate for SM Spedition is valid in all EU. For three consecutive years it will be verified by audits if the implemented solutions meet the ISO norms and if they are constantly improved.

We are adapting to the dynamic changes of the market. Our anwser to the dominance of the need to save time is to invest in cutting-edge software that speeds up the completion of each order. It is a fully integrated forwarding-transport- accounting-sales system which speeds up the circulation of information. We give full access to our GPS systems to our Clients which enables them to constantly monitor the transports we do together. Thanks to the GPS system and the fuel cards that our whole fleet uses, we can fully supervise fuel usage, work times and vehicle speeds which gives us full control and allows to minimize costs.